Basement Diaries Vol. 3 - Words of a Generation

by Poetic & Tone Mythology

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    This album reflects what our generation has gone through in last several years. It's intended to not only serve as reflection on our trials & tribulations but to also inspire those that listen to it.

    I want everyone to know that every individual has a divine gift and purpose for being here. Let your voice be heard. Believe in yourself. These are the words of our generation and this EP is intended for US!

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released March 11, 2011

Special thanks to those that contributed: Taj Mahal,
J. Qwest, Lauren Link, James John, Sammy J, Nathaniel Seevers



all rights reserved
Track Name: She Wanna Be Free

Yo… She wanna be freed. She wanna be free…
Put her mind at ease. And let her hair just float in da breeze.
She wanna be freed…She wanna be free.
Then give her to me…and let her get lost wit ( basement diaries )
Her she is again running from her problems
parents can’t solve em.. add to her situation.
Works 2 jobs trying to get an education.
No hand outs, breaks, vacation
just stuck , down on her luck without a buck
Contemplatin way ta escape her destination
often looks at planes just drifts.
With her third eye seeing better dan dis. (inhale)
Holding in….. da smoke from a spliff.
Low key as she walk by the kids..
Give’s em quick nod. Let ‘em know what it is..
Times hard.. Yet time heals scars.
Like a testament.. she just kept right on stepping wit
a piece of pride… Even though she was wreckless.
At least she ain’t out hooking for a necklace..
And if it ever in her plan to settle for a man…hmmm.. than God bless him.
1:57Next HooK…..
Yo… She wanna be freed. She wanna be free…
Put her mind at ease. And let her hands just float in da breeze.
She wanna be freed…She wanna be free.
Then give her to me…let her get lost wit ( basement diaries)

When she get her chance……..even if there’s trouble
She”ll never be dancing wit da devil.
She gunna give into the bass & the trebille.
And float away in her own lil bubble.
To a different frame of mind….
She;s tired of all the pain dat co exist inside
no longer want her last name or anything
that gunna reflect the shame from her past days
She gunna just let the rain wash it all away
Fed up, wit/ wasted time spent looking out da window pain
ready to spark dat fire in_side her
new times.. Colliding wit a New vibe
So….Let da tires rotate to a landscape
sumn like blue skys sippin my tais
with her toes in the sand letting time fly
Finally felling good to have no plans
Thinkn I’m Content where I am
…Hot damn….I’m free
Track Name: First Day of Snow

give me the lighter, I’m a freedom fighter sent to ignite a tired generation through the storm
we back to cold nights yet we invested inspite wether weather wanna treat us right ( haha )
Gimme da mic, I’m gunna give you what you like. Hands Up!
…… It’s all love….uh-huh … It’s alright;; alright
bringing warmth from the light, have more out your life, absorb less of da hype
You can’t afford to go another night losing more of the person that you once liked
once might of seen the real and stopped living out of spite
swallowing all these pills to make you numb to your fight.
playing a victim will never lead to new heights, New sights,
But I told you …
It’s all love…uh hu….it’s alright
If they got beef youngin den letem bite
Bull dogs bark but a pitbull will rip you apart.
I’m Coming from the shadows that embrace in da dark.
Like a cold fog hovering over everywhere you are
I’m just a breed of Noah’s ark
So I’m feeling to take this seed and grow it to a proper stalk.
So I……. no longer… even need to walk,
I’ll just climb…. through heavens……….. and through skies.
Searching for hellos and leaving all my goodbyes
Anything to relieve me of the tears from her brown eye.
I’ll gladly leave that pain for a better life
But right now…yo some how…yeah.. I vow
That I’ll get what they would never allow…
A sad clown with a chance to turn his frown around.
HOOK---were gunna be alright….ooh ohh it’s alright.
The worlds made of colors and people different shades
But collectivelymy brother. We can all be made.
We can all be made.. We can all have better days.

Living earths final days but distracted by the those wit fame
Who’s to blame we bask in how they entertain
Sell yourself to what the teacher taught and what a stripper bought.
I’m just a skater boy being chased by a rent a cop.
Don’t stop don’t ask. Open up that register and give me all your cash.
If you don’t know the name, shish boy you betta ask.
I’m coming for the map hungry for a hot plate.
When I don’t eat I start to contemplate the crime rate. Lol. ( Pause)
Inspiring masses sharing Visions through inspector gadgets glasses
Feeling to fix the broken hearted get em back to where they started
full of love wrapped in hugs walking red rugs headed to their dreams.
Either way I’ll hush em right back to sleep…
Track Name: A Woman's Weakness

Now let me rock it steady
Re-enforce dat levy
Cause these beats are heavy
Filling up your cup my lady
Think you can change me?
Yeah… I don’t except no maybe.
Who you fooling, huh..
Come over here already
I got plans of you in Prada hopping outta Mercedes
Rocking Dolce & Gabanna
See you can’t play me.
Cause you’ll only play yourself
Drop dat front
Quit acting like you don’t need no help.
Not about the wealth
It’s how I felt
Need to know…. I’m not…. only by myself.
Never if you’re rolling with me
We’ll be living in the life of luxury
With plenty of what you need.

See…. right now…I’m steady on the grind
Trying to get mine
So you can get yours
But it takes time
I…can sacrifice anything you like.
Playing off your weakness of that emptiness inside.
It……… ain’t only me….that I’m working for
Give you love give hugs then give you plenty more.
Every woman has a weakness. Tell me girl what’s your secret.

Well my loving don’t stop.
I keep it flowing off the top of my dome
till I take you home, Let you know
You aint ever alone…
So Right now….Let me lay your body down…relieve your shoulders of dat crown…
Got this princess ..defenseless from her senses ..smelling incents… suspicious by the touch of satin,
her clutch tenses at the stay time lets down her fences so you know we gunna get it cracking.
I can see you in the mood….. so let it happen.
We aint got a do nothing u aint use to.
Sooooo.. Went fo da kill like Bill
in attempt to seal da deal
she interrupt my shpeel saying….Boy
Ohhh your game is strong
Don’t lead me on
If you do me right, believe me..I’ll never do you wrong.
Yo word is born
Yet satisfaction is da result of actions
tired of love songs…. Too many questions
Time to get it cracking after all the bright lights and fashion
Were just two amongst a world of wrongs..
So baby won’t you come along…
I’ll give you shelter from the storm.
Track Name: Sumn' You Can Feel

Yo, I gotta keep it real
Give you sumn you can feel
From my lungs into the air
Until it meets you right there
Middle of the dance floor make you sweat make you moan
it’s driping down your back now it’s dripping to your toes let me know
Are you feeling that, make it clap, show me where you at?
I’m attack and break you from the back
Damn you gotta nice butt, did I say that out load? Well never mind so what.
Yo I clown, anything to get down.
I be , probably, VIP, poppin Moet B constently
If you wanna shower you can get any hour. Girl it’s your birthday whatchu say? (OK)
Damn it feel good don’t it. Tone wit Poetic on it
Pour out raw emotion, show that you a women
And equal component, can’t wait to get you open to our love is floating in the center of a ocean .
To be specific in da pacific right off of cali just a couple miles from our residence.
Girl you got me hella bent, your body moves like a fish. I can’t keep my eyes away from it
Show me and you do it make me feel so stupid like I’m hit by cupid.
Get da boat rockin till I’m feelin sea sick. Hope it aint a dream…. And sumn I can keep with, freak with.girl tell me who you wanna be with..haha… I gotta know
Track Name: Yikes

Get Up
Get Up.
Get Up
Uh huh.
Get Up
Get Up
Never will you see me bow down to a mother fucker.
If you got beef I’m around town mother fucker
we can throw down.
But really now , How you gunna clown on da same people
That showed you love when you was just glass…

48 sec….I see u… see thru.. u weak dude. And We knew.. who u…

Really were
the man behind mask will never last
if you keep runnnig that fast in the wrong direction Man
How you think gunna make it
nobody can relate
Anything you say…Anything u potray
It’s all lies anyway. Whens the day. Radio will play.
Something from an real artist Anyway
Cause my people starving..In the garden.. harvestn’ da winter.
Cuase in order be a winner you needa sacrifice your inner
tendencies of a sinner.
But me no beginner.
Me be a go getter
Me will achieve my dreams on balconies looking at the sea
Feeling the ocean breeze
In love with my blessings & in love with my tradgeies.
Either way they both made me , me
Either wayThey both made me , free

Really were
The man behind others scars,
Lingering at bars, trying act hard
Looking for your next victim
Yo it’s sickening how I gotta share da same air
Peeling back da layers to a prayer that was never there
It aint fair,
Either way we gunna make it
And never let ‘em take
Da essence of our presence
help our brethren get
closer to the light.
Closer to the warmth.
No longer need to cry
No longer harmed
Get you on path to da source
Off da course of remorse…
Yo we gunna march forth.
With the help of the Lord
And we’ll never stop.
It’s All for the love
All For the love of hip hop
Track Name: Heaven

Heaven is were I'll go when I die. When I bid you goodbye. Words of a generation. My people be amazing. So amazing.