Basement Diaries Vol. 2- Summertime Shine

by Poetic & Tone Mythology

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    "Summertime Shine" is a combination of tracks that Poetic & Tone Mythology made in the summer of 2010. This EP consists of songs that are more uplifting in content as well as production with the intent to give you something to remember the long warm summer nights.

    We had the opportunity to work with several talented artists, Taj Mahal, Lyrical, Shrub, Dynamik, Kyle Roth & Lindsey Compton and want to give a special thanks to those that contributed.

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released November 10, 2010



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Track Name: Poetic ft. Kyle Roth - 1) Feel Right
Me & Tone gunna make you feel nice. Me & Tone gunna makeyou feel right..... all night long
Track Name: 2) Let's Walk
Yeah. We got another basement diaries exclusive. Summn to bump to as you riding around this summer. I recommened you roll da windows down, turn your speakers up and put your hand out da window to feel the warm breeze…nahhh mean,, AHHH. …summertime shine….

Hey baby can we take a walk? Can we talk? Let me know what’s on your mind
You a work of art. I wanna see if you smart, let’s conversate, see if we can relate to the struggles that we both face.. on a day to day I don’t wanna be alone, neither do you, somehow we both be rolling stones. On away we drift , captians of our own ships at the same time responsible for sinking it.
I don’t wanna be the man that hurts you.
Wanna be the man that loves you.
Come here boo, let me hold you. So when we get married I can say I told you……
So as we walk, let me hold your hand and be that type of gentleman that will build you up even when you can’t.
That’s the purpose of a person I ain’t nervous I’m a spit it, hacking down a forest to build a fortress for my misses.
(Huh)You an Angel but must of got your wings clipped. It’s alright I ain’t gunna give you a reason to trip. Just be by your side through the thick of it. If it gets too much hack it down again build it up
till it a win win, You da type I could see as a friend-then building Kin making my heart pour like gin-then filling up your cup. As for Tonight we gunna hit da town boo (huh-uh) I’ll be back around to pick you up.

Find Love in the summer, I find Love in the summer, I find love in the summer

So on my way to swoop girl I realized da world that I was gunna leave behind, took da time to reflect from my youth to prime and I realized that it bout time that I take the step without any type of regret. Cause let’s be honest yall, shorty be the shish I couldn’t picture nuttin better to spend my lonely nights with. So I’m keepa I’m a reacha hold her hand and then I’ll teacha that I’m the best thing that she could of a achieveda in dis world. True Love is above everything girl. So take the time to unwind your mind
and let me take your body to the summertime shine. Yeah let me take your body to that summertime shine…

Yeah the way she touch me, let me know_ that she love and I ain’t gotta stress shish. I’m her Clyde she my Bonnie and we gunna ride during through these harsh times and dip from the city in the summertime leave the state out about nine.. and after a long drive racing into the moonlight we gunna arrive at a the lake around midnight popp a bottle of wine over s dedicated lineand go in a boat to a cove all alone and make love until the summertime shine’s on us both. See we ain’t got rely on hope. You da only one that ain’t a phony, your love is real and you put it on me, I guess only time is keeping us from matrimony.
Track Name: Poetic ft. Taj Mahal & Dynamik - 3) 1 for the Bus

Yeah, I put on for my city, picture me, wit a philly, sittin right next to pretty, I can still see it in their eyes. shifty. Dey minds on the money but the attitudes shitty, Man try to have fun. Why you have a gun? If aint poopin none. Man you bubble gum rappers gunna get you some. I literelly, misribely, check a mother a mother fucker till plee on their hands and knees, leaving mcs unable to breath…uh-hu-uh hu.
Consider this charity, and sumn to move your anatomy. You won’t find no_body clever than me
P-O-E-T-I-C , who he?
Just the same mother fucka that murder da beat. You can feel free to put your mind at ease. Let loose these summer nights are like 80 degrees. So ,no reason to be wearing all of these. Here let me get that off, shorty please? Ha. Fellas get your hands up! Den wit dat same hand reach over and grab your girls butt.
Say what?
Ladies you know whats up. We know you like attention so we giving it up.
Now, Follow me to the heart of the city. C-bus, we must, keep it moving till somebody hears us
Hell no we aint gunna let em sleep. Gunna keep em up all night bumpin their head to this beat. Till they all wake up ‘n come dance in the streets. It’s a block party girl so where the fuck you be?
Bringing Sounds like that of a symphony..symphony….symphony...614 follow me.
Track Name: Poetic ft. Kyle Roth - Devil
I smell sumn burning.
He’s gunna set the world a blaze

If I die, who’s gunna rep it when I’m gone?
Who else you know attacks the devil in his songs?
Only fear in life is being taken from my home and left to do it on my own but if soooo
I’m well equipped to stick em in his ribs and twist the blade till I feel both of his lungs give
Who the fuck want what all you dumb sluts showing tits for a couple bucks to get drugs
Before feeding your son?
I know your bodies numb but realize…so is your mind hun.
Not even knowing the devils alive
When wherever you go he’s right by your side.
Wether through fear, hate, lust or a needle. The devils everywhere plotting and killing people
It’s obvious that his best trick is convincing this whole cold world …….that he doesn’t exist

That’s how he gets away with this. Teachin kids how to hate because of differences.
People got their eyes wide shut focused on the glitter rather than the bigger picture (huh)
What’s it gunna take to getcha ta read some scriptures.
How figure you’ll get by without any type of real issues.
He will getchu, swicthu, before you even know what hitchu.
You’re a puppet abandoded by beloved to help him be triumphant.
Fuck what it is and Fuck what it wasn’t
It still remains you be the prey and he out hunting
But listen man I got a new plan…. Let’s attack the devil with each and every bodies hands
Show ‘em that love is all we need to get bye
If he doesn’t the picture get den let da mother fucker fry. Yo I’m tired of being Mr. Nice guy. Let him die. Let him Die. Die mother fucker die, die

Ohhh devil, you can’t have my soul….. oh noooo, nooo, noooo.

To make it clear, I love my brothern. I treat em like my cousins So I’ll be damned if you take anything from ‘em.
I’m a let em know you exsit so everybody gotta chance to raise a fist and stick you in the chin.
Yeah you and ben ladin. Listen men, we gotta build our forces to withstand endorsements from the apple tree
Consisting of fame and fortunes
You can all be free, but not through the diamonds and the jewelry.

stand up and be a man that creates history,
with the help of everybody we can seal his own destiny
sitting in the lake of fire at a 1,000 degrees..haha.
get on your knees admit that da Lord is better than thee.
You never had a chance you pathetic, representative of a seraphim.
I hope your wings got ripped off by chainsaw and everybody witnessed Him
Cast you outta heaven and doom you through the present without any chance of purity

you ain’t perfect nahh you you ain’t worth it. nahh
Face it your defeat is written, so stop all da bullshittin
Pretending like you the light….. that da world’missing.
But the Paradigms are shiftin
In due time and I’ll be on the front line rippin out your
spine and cuttting out your eyes then leave you blind to signify the lives you left behind.
Track Name: Poetic ft. Lyrical, Shrub & Lindsey Compton - Real Love

Real Love…….
Give me real Love, real love, real love

I need that real love but at times you’d rather fight & bicker how you figure I ain’t init for the bigger picture, chill boo ,
hold your liquor ,
don’t’ let da hormones getcha.
I know you wit da baby at da house when I bounce
tying ta get some money……..yet time is money , all you WANT’S IT FROM ME,
Well how the fuck we gunna get a buck if I ain’t gunna pack this truck,
hit da road, to do these shows it’s better than slinging o’s……
But I suppose I do it for my soul.
one thing I know..untill we old…. I ain’t stopping getting what we owed..
Stop thinking bout the cons and focus on the pros
The glass ain’t half empty baby yo this glass is half full
I can take that same picture ( uh-huh) and paint it Gold
My skin is thicker than average cat that will try to stick ya In your back When your weak.
But baby when you your weak all you gottta do is lean… On me.. (On me)…
Yeah I catch ya, I ain’t gunna let nothing crash the mood I’m taking you
Like Dorothy ….booo…. tap your shoes,
I’ll take you home. Get you gone, Get you on the type of level that I’m on. THEN It’s on! Yeah…. It’s on.